Local Environmental Solutions

Local Environmental Solutions is an environmental consultancy based in southern NSW.

We provide consulting services to the planning/development industry and to managers of private and public lands.

We provide our clients with high quality ecological assessment, documentation and advice.

Our aim is to develop workable solutions that enhance economic return and secure conservation values for the ecosystems upon which we all depend.

Our Expertise

We have a highly trained team with experience from government agency operations, business, education and communication. This allows us to offer a range of services that deliver the results needed for successful management of natural resources.

Our Services

  • Flora and fauna surveys and impact assessments (SEE, EIS, REF, DA, Threatened Species Impact Assessment)
  • Market-based offset services (eg BioBanking and EPBC Act Offsets)
  • Wildlife hazard management plans (airports, golf courses, public spaces)
  • Herds for Hire (Bega Valley Goat Rental): Goat rental for vegetation management
  • Weed control, soil erosion, bushfire hazard and vegetation management
  • Feral and pest fauna control
  • Management of overabundant native species
  • Recovery and management of threatened species
  • Wildlife Sanctuary/Ecotourism/wilderness guiding
  • Voluntary Conservation Agreements
  • Training in wildlife identification and management