Conservation Canines

Local Environmental Solutions provides a unique wildlife survey and detection service through our Conservation Dogs.

We use traditional and state-of-the-art training techniques to provide dogs that can detect wildlife, their scat, or their dens/nests, depending upon the target species.

The partnership between working people and dogs is the longest running arrangement between two mammal species. We use this age-old relationship to give a safe, reliable and effective means of detecting and enumerating cryptic wildlife.

We use our background in ecology, wildlife management and animal behaviour to train focused dogs that do not harm other wildlife, work off the lead, and are socially acceptable (no biters, jumpers or barkers on the team).

We can specifically train and deliver wildlife dogs that are focused on your problem species.

We work in partnership with Multinational Canines and Gary Jackson. Professor Jackson, as we call him, has a long history of training detection dogs and assessing their performance professionally.

Endangered species, which are hard to detect, can be surveyed more reliably using the powerful senses of canines.

Pest management programs can also be made more effective by using dogs.

We are members of the Australian Conservation K9 Society (ACK9s) which promotes the scientific and ethical use of dogs for conservation. ACK9s is affiliated with the Australian Ecosystems Foundation Inc., a not-for-profit wildlife conservation organisation.